RECIPE: Apple & Berry Compote

RP & I went west to Northampton, MA last weekend to celebrate the marriage of two great friends. RP spent a summer there after college, so he knew his way around town and led us to Woodstar Café for a quick bite before the wedding festivities. Spoiled by living a stone’s throw from Block 11, I’m a sucker for good iced coffee. Woodstar Café did not leave anything to be desired! Their coffee, which almost had a cocoa quality, was outstanding! But what really stole the show was a little ruby-red dollop of compote that was served with our yogurt.

Usually, I’m a muesli-and-honey-with-my-yogurt girl, so this was a much-appreciated reminder of how perfectly compote pairs with rich yogurt. Then my mind started to wander, thinking of all the wonderful ways a compote can be used: mixed with yogurt, topped on ice cream, spread on toast as a jam, paired with cheese… the list is endless!

Apple Compote

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SPOTLIGHT: White Anchovies

White anchovies and canned anchovies are both anchovies, but the similarities stop there. Good news for people (like me!) who aren’t enthusiasts of canned variety is that the strong taste associated with canned anchovies is not actually the flavor of the fish. The bold taste and dark-grey color of canned anchovies can be attributed to the curing process, where the fish are preserved in a salt-brine and then packed in oil or salt. But there’s more than one way to cure a fish… Cue the Spaniards…

English: boquerones white anchovy with bread a...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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