RECIPE: Panfried Soft-Shell Crab

I’m a New Englander, so given the choice between steamed lobster or crab, lobster wins every time. But if you take that crab, fry it up, serve it with a smoky dip, and tell me I can eat the whole thing… lobster might have some competition.


Soft-shell crab, named for – you guessed it – their soft shells, is the familiar variety of blue crab from the Mid-Atlantic. Throughout June the blue crab molt their hard shells leaving behind a paper-thin shell. The season for soft-shells is short and the demand is high, so if you can find any at your fish market, snatch them up and give this recipe a try.

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SPOTLIGHT: White Anchovies

White anchovies and canned anchovies are both anchovies, but the similarities stop there. Good news for people (like me!) who aren’t enthusiasts of canned variety is that the strong taste associated with canned anchovies is not actually the flavor of the fish. The bold taste and dark-grey color of canned anchovies can be attributed to the curing process, where the fish are preserved in a salt-brine and then packed in oil or salt. But there’s more than one way to cure a fish… Cue the Spaniards…

English: boquerones white anchovy with bread a...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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